Successful businesses
start with healthy employees

Holistic health programs
for greater well-being and productivity in your team.

We take care of your most valuable asset - your team.

In today's business world, success is closely tied to the health and motivation of employees.
Our tailored health programs for mental and physical well-being enhance your team's resilience.

What customers say about us

Mental balance

We support your employees in overcoming crises, discovering individual solutions, building resilience, and thus preventing burnout.

Physical well-being

Tailored programs promote the health of your employees and reduce risks associated with stress, lack of physical activity, and unhealthy eating habits.

Organizational Development

We support teams and leaders in conflicts and change processes, helping to identify development opportunities and overcome challenges.

Mavie improves your well-being

More than one in ten of the TOP 100 companies in Austria are one of our customers. Find out some more reasons why.


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