Employee assistance program

Corporate Mental Health Programme

Healthy employees mean a healthy company. It sounds straightforward, but it’s not. Each one of us needs different approaches to our personal well-being and if something does not run smoothly, our performance will suffer. And there are many difficult situations that can burden us - from stress at work to problems in our personal life.

Mavie makes you healthier

The good news: looking after your employees’ mental health has never been easier. Our Mavie digital health portal is a personal guide that helps staff conquer their own specific challenges. They will be able to improve their mental well-being confidently, effectively and for the long term. For their own benefit and that of their company.

Employee assistance (EAP) re-envisioned

Mavie, our in-company employee counselling service, promises the best of both worlds: besides its professional personal counselling and live events, it offers a wide range of online services complete with tips, self-help exercises and worlds of topics for raising awareness. And, because no two people are alike, Mavie adapts to each person’s individual needs based on psychological self-tests. This allows employees to face their professional and personal responsibilities and forge ahead with their continuing development. Holistically and in total confidence. Anywhere and at any time.

Our services

  • Self-help and self-reflection:
  • Live events and seminars:
  • Counselling and coaching:

Our promise – your benefits

Want to raise your company’s corporate mental health to the next level? Mavie Business is the ideal solution for promoting your employees’ mental health at the right price – complete with a vast array of benefits:

  • higher performance levels
  • fewer sick leaves and absenteeism
  • improved attractiveness as an employer
  • increased competitiveness