Health Mobil

Diagnostics on four wheels

On-site check-ups – really? Yes, really! It’s actually incredibly easy and requires little effort. With our Health Mobil, you can bring preventive medicine right to your company for a brief period of time. We can help you improve your employees’ health over the long term and optimise your occupational health management with minimum effort. After all, the stresses of day-to-day work often push personal care into the background. These days, staying healthy and performing to a high standard for as long as possible is no longer just an individual desire but also an important company goal. Only healthy organisations will perform well and be fitter for taking on the competition.

Our services

Our Health Mobil brings preventive medical care right onto your premises. Choose from a variety of packages depending on your individual needs:

  • Care Compact – up to 48 people per day
    Kidney screening
    Lung screening
    Eye check-up
    Consultation with a doctor
  • Care Standard – up to 48 people per day
    All examinations included in the Compact package
    Cardiovascular screening
    Long-term blood sugar screening
    Consultation with a doctor
  • Care Plus – up to 16 people per day
    All examinations included in the Standard package
    Organ screening
    Consultation with a doctor

Looking for more services? Then book our supplementary modules:

Want to raise your company’s corporate mental health to the next level? Mavie Business is the ideal solution for promoting your employees’ mental health at the right price – complete with a vast array of benefits:

  • Higher performance levels
  • Fewer sick leaves and absenteeism
  • Improved attractiveness as an employer
  • Increased competitiveness

Company vaccinations – Support with organising and running your company’s vaccination drive: COVID-19 vaccinations, annual flu jabs and various other vaccinations required by law for certain jobs.
What do you need on your premises? – All you need for this is 14 m2 of space for our Healthmobile and a power supply. We’ll take care of all the organisational and practical aspects.

Our promise – your benefits

  • A top-quality service
  • Preventive medicine
  • Customisable
  • Time-saving
  • Nationwide
  • GDPR-compliant
  • All under one (car) roof

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