Mental quarter hour

Many of us take care of our physical fitness, but mental balance still tends to be overlooked. Yet, it is crucial, especially in the workplace, to find ways to cope well with stress and changes. Often, small exercises and guidance can assist in dealing with stress or conflicts more effectively.

Inputs for More Balance

During the Mental Quarter Hour, employees receive valuable insights and learn mental tools that they can independently apply in their daily lives. During this 15-minute break from the workday, your employees can reduce stress and take away practical knowledge.

Our services

The Mental Quarter Hour is a video conference that reaches out to your employees at home or directly at the workplace. In just 15 minutes, your team is interactively introduced by Mavie consultants to topics such as stress management, resilience, or habits and can even try out related exercises. Afterwards, there's an opportunity to ask questions directly to the experts.

Our promise – your benefits

Do you want to promote the mental balance and productivity of your employees? With our "Mental Quarter Hour," we offer you a way to do exactly that. Your benefits:

  • Exclusive Support
    Mavie consultants provide valuable insights to your team and are available for questions.
  • Tools for Mental Balance
    Your employees can integrate the techniques for maintaining mental well-being directly into their daily work routines.
  • Increased Team Resilience
    Boost the stress management competence and resilience of your employees.

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