Seminars and trainings

Organisational development and teambuilding

Employees and teams are at their most productive and high-performing when they are able to focus on their tasks and responsibilities. This requires a positive working environment and behaviour characterised by appreciation and respect. If sand gets into the gear box, it is hard to keep your head free and this affects quality and output. Misunderstandings, conflicts, confusion over roles or powers, unclear interfaces, suspected bullying... there are many different issues that can be distracting. Often it is a question of the team dynamic rather than of the individual.

So your teams work successfully

We’ll support your teams so that everything goes back to running smoothly. We’ll analyse the situation together and help you decide what outcome you want. We’ll assess the potential for development and the methods we could use and will put the most effective formats into practice. We want your employees to perform well and love their work. As well as being good for the workforce, this is also good for the company. It’s a sign of successful leadership and a corporate culture founded on responsibility. Factors that determine whether or not a company is seen as a fulfilling place to work and an attractive employer.

Our services (an extract)

  • Teambuilding programmes
  • Change support
  • Fixing poor communication
  • Conflict analysis and conflict moderation
  • Moderation of bullying cases

Your benefits – our excellence

We can tailor workshops, training, coaching, moderation and supervision entirely to your requirements, enabling you to raise your employees and your company to the next level with us. What makes us unique:

  • A professional team of trainers and coaches
  • Many years’ experience with team dynamics
  • Flexibility to handle individual company strategies
  • Transfer of knowledge and interactive dialogue

Seminars and trainings