This is what counselling sessions at Mavie offer

Curious about what occurs during a counselling sessions offered at Mavie? We'll describe what psychosocial counselling entails and how it works.

Mavie editorial team10/03/2023

Counselling with Mavie

First of all: Mavie does not work with diagnoses in counselling. Rather, it is based on what a person individually needs in order to be able to cope with personal challenges. It is therefore preventive and encourages development.

However, psychosocial counselling such as Mavie's and other forms of therapy are by no means mutually exclusive - counselling can accompany therapy in certain cases or be considered as support in the period after psychotherapy. Of course, it can also precede therapy. Because when it comes to topics that affect our mental well-being, it is not always immediately clear where to turn. Mavie specialists support you in finding the right care, offer guidance and guarantee support until the right contact point has been found.

It's it in your hands

Mavie's solution-oriented short-term consulting offers a clear framework in which new paths and goals are sought - with a focus on the here and now. The aim is to recognize possibilities and to make them actively usable in order to solve problems creatively and independently. Existing skills are made aware of through discussions and methods. We assume that you already have everything you need to solve your problem within you.

But what does that mean? What are my resources?
Throughout our lives we develop skills to deal with challenges. We cannot always consciously access this wealth of experience. Because in the middle of the crisis we are busy solving the problem and therefore have our hands full.

Counselling offers a professional framework to reflect on one's own emotional world, one's own wealth of experience and one's own role in the social environment. Together, a personal timetable will be designed as to how mental health and relationships at eye level as well as balance in professional and private life can be maintained in the future.

In short: Mavie supports the targeted search for "resources" and modelling experiences for the future in such a way that challenging situations can be managed actively and independently. Mavie consultants help you to change your perspective, to recognize your own abilities and to implement self-determined goals.

You are the expert on your own life

The literature on mental health is now comprehensive in every respect. There are many great books, articles, and guides that clearly describe how to successfully and autonomously manage personal crises. Why is it still so difficult to implement these findings? Why are we still (apparently for no reason) sad, stressed, have relationship problems, feel driven or expect our body to do something that is not good for it?

The secret lies in the application: Practical implementation - in cooperation. How might it feel when I appear confident to my boss? What is my everyday life like when I have enough time for family, work and leisure? How can I bring mindful communication into my everyday relationship? To answer these and many other questions, the Mavie consultants support you every day in finding individual solutions.

Get active now

Our Mavie Counsellors will help you with professional and private issues. Get in touch and make an appointment for a personal counselling (assuming your company has a contract with Mavie). Call our hotline on +43 1 585 388 1 or email:
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