Motivation boosters at work (part 1)

Do you find it hard to motivate yourself at work and get through your to-do list? Then try these five motivation tips – and re-discover the joy of working.

Mavie editorial team05/09/2022

Motivation Booster (Part 1)

Motivation tip – 1: Start with your least favourite tasks

Tackle the most unpleasant, difficult or important task of the working day first. But that doesn’t sound very motivating? Actually, it does, because this means three advantages in one: Firstly: space in your head is freed up for dealing with other issues and activities. Secondly: your self-confidence gets a boost because you’ve already completed the most difficult or most important task. Lastly, your self-motivation improves because the remaining items on the agenda (almost) seem “trivial” in retrospect.


Motivation tip – 2: Turn your mobile phone and e-mail notifications on silent

We like to distract ourselves, especially when it comes to finding the motivation for certain tasks. But the more often we get interrupted, the more difficult it is to pick up where we left off. Trick yourself: schedule 30 minutes or an hour per day when you are not reading or answering emails or being disturbed by phone calls or colleagues. Use this time for tasks that require more concentration.


Motivation tip – 3: Why am I not enjoying my job?

If you lack a certain joy, lightness and motivation at work, don’t expect your manager to change this for you. That’s up to you. You have to take the initiative. Think about what could make your daily job routine more enjoyable and be proactive in approaching your manager or colleagues with suggestions.


Motivation tip – 4: Accepting change

In any job or company, change is a constant. The more you resist it, the more frustrated you become. Be as flexible as a blade of grass blowing in the breeze and try to find at least two positive aspects of every change (and yes, there is always a positive in any situation).


Motivation tip – 5: Who can give me a boost?

When you feel demotivated, seeking outside input can help. Consciously look for people who give you that energy boost, who give you courage and show you that everything is not as bad as it seems. Most of the time, your motivation will pick up again and you will achieve more than you previously thought.
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