Coming out on the job – which questions help with the decision?

Openly communicated homosexuality should not be a problem at work. And yet, in certain situations and sectors, the danger of discrimination lurks. Those affected are then caught in a dilemma between secrecy and freedom.

Mavie editorial team05/06/2023

Outing at work

Is it wise to be open about your sexual orientation in the workplace? To make a decision easier, you can ask yourself the following questions:

What is the worst that could happen after an outing? How would I react to this situation? From which personal sources of strength do I draw energy for this? Who could accompany and support me through this phase?

What is the best that could happen after an outing? How would this improve my working environment? How would that make me feel?

These considerations will help you in advance

Another important question is: What is the basic motivation behind the desire to come out?Important considerations in this context can be:

  • Am I strong enough to come out at work at the moment, or do I need special support from outside in advance (boosting self-esteem or dealing with my fears with experts, motivation from friends, etc.)?
  • How much do I actually want to reveal when I come out? Is it enough to remain superficial, or is it important for me to describe details?
  • If I've decided not to come out but face questions about my personal life, do I come up with a white lie beforehand? Or do I prefer to choose clear, delimiting words with which I can be understood and continue to be respected and valued?

All of these questions can help you in the decision-making process. In addition, Mavie counsellors can also support you in your process.

Get active now

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