Workplace satisfaction: take a holistic view

Holistic moderation is seen as the key to good leadership and staff motivation. The underlying principle involves looking after “soft” factors as well as measuring performance. Fortunately, there’s a strategy you can use for holistic team leadership.

Mavie editorial team03/11/2022

Workplace satisfaction

Holistic team leadership can banish compartmentalised thinking

People and their organisation are viewed as a complete whole. In other words, every member of the team is a factor that exerts an influence. This perspective is supplanting a long-outdated but still-dominant philosophy in the world of work that has its origins in the Industrial Revolution, when the idea took hold that someone who does manual labour, for instance, was not exercising their brain. Processes were broken down into individual work steps – and everyone was required to complete their tasks within their specific area. However, this view of the world of work no longer offers any satisfactory answers for the complex challenges of our time.

Holistic leadership relies on showing understanding and being connected

A holistic leader will embrace the idea of being connected. Employees are regarded as thinking, feeling, acting and spiritual beings. In other words, they are not only recognised for their understanding or appreciated for their motor skills or physical fitness – their emotions and their spirituality have a place in the daily work routine too. Employees are seen as human beings, complete with their numerous, frequently contradictory needs, motivations and resources. This makes it possible to find quick, lasting solutions in day-to-day work.

Mindfulness makes people stress resistant

It has been scientifically proven that a mindful approach to ourselves promotes creativity, focus and performance. In addition, we become "immune" to stress. The reason: As a result of a more mindful approach to ourselves, even small changes in the body are perceived. Thus, we have the chance to recognize almost preventively what we need to relieve our nervous system and to overcome challenging times well.

View the organisation holistically too  

As far as the whole company is concerned, holistic moderation means this: clearly, there are hard facts (areas of responsibility, measurable results). But the “soft” factors have just as much of a hand in success. For example, how well do team members communicate? What’s the conversation culture like in the workplace? How is conflict managed? What are the team dynamics and team development like?

Learning to spot soft factors

Before you, as a leader, can identify these soft factors, you’ll need to be well in touch with yourself. You can achieve this by scrutinising yourself critically on all four levels of consciousness: the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

  • Rational consciousness:
  • Emotional consciousness:
  • Physical consciousness:
  • Spiritual consciousness:

Here’s how to succeed with holistic leadership

  • Challenge:
  • Encourage:
  • Lead:

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