How to really switch off on vacation

What people consider relaxing can vary greatly. We have tips and ideas that you can use to make your individual vacation even more soothing.

Mavie editorial team29/03/2023

Finally vacation

"Just lying on the beach, soaking up the sun and doing absolutely nothing - that's relaxation for me," say some. "What, I'd be bored to death," say the others."I need action to switch off, preferably together with others," say some. "Sounds exhausting just imagining it," say the others.Ideas about rest, relaxation and really switching off can vary widely. That's why there is no patent remedy for what the perfect vacation should look like. 

Important: the gradual transition

If your everyday life is full of demands and time pressure, it's good to treat yourself to the opposite for a change. But beware: an abrupt from-hundred-to-zero could invite your body to do the same and, in the worst case, get sick first. Instead, try a transition phase in which you schedule another day or two of winding down before really switching off. 

The same goes for the end of vacation. Schedule at least one day between returning from vacation and starting work to let the recovery seep in before the demands really kick in again. 

What to do when expectations and needs clash? 

Some people recharge their batteries by interacting with others, while others find it more draining. Some people recharge their batteries in silence and for themselves, others it makes restless and restless. Some need the familiar and the known in order to let go. Some just the opposite. 

When you go on vacation with family, friends or as a couple, be sure to consider and plan for different needs in advance. Projections, desires and ideas can be far apart. Take pressure off yourself and your fellow vacationers by clarifying up front what who needs and wants, how much space you want to give each other, and what you are actually willing to do together.

Boundaries are the basis for true recreation

It may sound obvious, but it doesn't always come easily: leave your work cell phone and laptop at home. Even if you don't plan to use them on vacation, their presence activates thoughts of work every time you come into their field of vision and jolts you out of your recovery process. 

Time is precious. So is rest. The equation "long vacation = lots of rest" is only partially true. It's the quality that counts. And on getting involved in the moment. When you take a vacation, you take a vacation. To be able to do that, clarify needs and expectations in advance, agree on limits and allow yourself the aforementioned entry and exit phase.

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